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What is an Anchor Handling Vessel?

Learn all about anchor-handling vessels and why they are essential to many industries.

An anchor-handling vessel plays a key role in towing or tugging ships and oil rigs across the ocean. These vessels are designed to easily move large items to ensure they reach their destination. An anchor-handling tug supply vessel (AHTS) also uses a winch to connect to oil rigs and other equipment while it’s being propelled in the water. The anchor supply is dropped into the ocean to keep everything steady during transportation.

Other Duties of an Anchor-Handling Vessel

An anchor-handling vessel can also perform many other activities besides moving oil rigs and other ships. For example, AHTS vessels can also move cargo-carrying barges due to their size. Barge towing is a great way to keep everything on schedule and ensure deadlines are reached.

These ocean towing services can even act as rescue vessels for emergency situations. A nearby anchor-handling vessel is an excellent option for rescuing stranded passengers on a ship.

Another key function of anchor-handling vessels is the ability to safely retrieve, store, and deploy any anchors. These services are especially important in the oil and gas industry, as many anchors are used for securing and stabilizing drilling rigs and platforms in the ocean. Using an anchor-handling vessel is important for safety while also maintaining productivity on a job site. These vessels can easily transport personnel and equipment to and from offshore sites while also delivering essential supplies.

What Are the Main Benefits of an Anchor-Handling Vessel?

One of the biggest advantages of the AHTS design is the bollard pull, which is the measurement of the pulling strength of a vessel. The state-of-the-art engine also plays a key role in making these vessels strong enough to perform a wide range of towing and tugging services. These vessels also include multiple thrusters for superior handling, which allows them to work in rough seas. Plenty of deck space also makes it easy to store buoys, anchors, and other heavy equipment.

Why Partner With Professionals for Anchor-Handling Services?

Hiring an experienced company specializing in anchor-handling vessels is always important to making sure the job is done right without sacrificing safety. A highly skilled team can perform these services for a variety of industries, whether it’s offshore oilfields, windfarm installations, dredging operations, or artificial reed installation support. An anchor-handling tug supply (AHTS) can complete many projects, whether it’s a short-term service or a long-term agreement.

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