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Superior Barge Towing in Tampa

Dann Ocean Towing understands the intricacies of barge towing and other marine towage services. Our crew is dedicated to providing superior service for both traditional towing needs and emergency situations. With decades of experience, advanced equipment, and a well-trained crew, we can handle any type of barge towage project on your roster.

Five Generations of Barge Towing

Any type of marine towing service requires a high level of expertise and years of experience. Dann Ocean Towing has been involved with a variety of marine towing services for over 100 years and across five generations. This has allowed us to be involved in all types of barge towage situations, which allows us to tend to every client’s specific needs. If you’re looking for a marine towing service with experience to spare, you won’t find a more qualified business.

Leading Provider on the East Coast

During the past century, Dann Ocean Towing has become the leading provider of barge towing and other marine services on the East Coast. In addition to barge towage, we’ve engaged with clients who have needed bulk commodities transportation, marine dredging, rescue towing, marine construction support, and other tugboat towing services. We’re dedicated to always being the best and our history speaks for itself.

Advanced Fleet of 17 Vessels 

A marine towage company must have a robust fleet of seafaring tugboats at its disposal. Dann Ocean Towing has put together an advanced fleet of 17 vessels ranging from 1800 to 4600 horsepower. This wide range of tugboats allows us to take on projects of every size, and we always have a vessel that’s perfect for every job. If a barge towage project is especially large, we can utilize multiple tugboats in tandem to get it done.

Handles Unique Towing Challenges

Every type of marine towing service has its own unique set of challenges, and barge towage is no exception. Perhaps your industry requires specific protocols or maybe the location of your barge has put you into a precarious position. With our level of experience and expertise, our crew can handle these unique towing challenges quickly and effectively.

State-of-the-Art Towing Equipment

Barge towing and other marine services require state-of-the-art towing equipment, in addition to advanced communication and navigation equipment. Each of the vessels used by our crew is equipped with the most modern technology available. Our crew is trained and re-trained on this equipment as needed. We also stay aware of industry standards and advancements so that we can upgrade our equipment whenever the need arises.

Emergency Services Available

Many of our barge towage projects are pre-planned weeks or months in advance, but we’re always ready for an emergency. Our crew has put together a series of action plans for a variety of situations that allow us to react at a moment’s notice and get the job done. If you have an emergency situation, our team will kick into gear right away and set out almost immediately. This includes emergency towing, rescues and salvage, and other assistance needs.

24/7 Superior Customer Service

Great service begins at Dann Ocean Towing the first moment you reach out to our facility. From the beginning of a barge towing project to the very end, our crew is available 24/7 for any questions or concerns. Our customer service team is always standing by to give you updates on our progress and to provide you with pertinent information about your towing project.

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Dann Ocean Towing provides marine towing services on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and beyond. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule towing or other water assistance services, give us a call at (813) 251-5100 today.