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How Does Dann Ocean Towing Assist with Marine Construction Services?

Why should you rely on Dann Ocean for marine construction services?

Marine construction projects have been especially important in recent years, with multiple companies building new facilities, upgrading their existing infrastructure, and dismantling structures that are no longer in operation or don’t serve a useful purpose. For projects on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and other areas, Dann Ocean Towing has been instrumental in providing marine support to help each of these construction projects go smoothly.

Dredging and Marine Construction Support

Dann Ocean Towing has proven ourselves as an industry leader in dredging and marine construction support. Throughout the entire process, our personnel will tend to your every need. This includes providing a free, no-obligation estimate for our marine construction services.

Here’s a sampling of the services related to marine support that our crew specializes in:

  • Tending tugs
  • Scow towing tugs
  • Pipeline work
  • Anchor handling
  • Sustained foreign operations

Benefits of Working with Dann Ocean Towing

Marine construction projects are a vital component of multiple industries, which means you must always partner with reputable companies every step of the way. When you choose to work with our team for your marine support needs, you’re getting an industry leader who has proven their worth and reputation on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and beyond.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits that you can always count on when working with our intrepid team of personnel:

Many Years of Towing History

Not only is Dann Ocean Towing family-owned and operated, but that operation has been going on for more than six generations. In the past 100+ years, we’ve taken on many thousands of operations, often delivering requests and needs based on a client’s unique specifications. We always strive to be the best and are dedicated to passing on our expertise to future generations.

Well-Trained, Experienced Crew

Our industry relies on an unparalleled amount of precision and skill that’s related to the equipment and procedures that are required in marine support and other projects. We put every crew member through rigorous training to ensure that they deliver the best service and results every time. This training is refreshed at regular intervals to ensure top-notch service, and as new industry procedures are introduced, new training sessions are provided.

Wide Area of Support Coverage

Dann Ocean Towing has provided marine construction support and various towing needs all across the globe. Our operations have spanned the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean area, including long-range towing operations in countries such as Japan, China, Brazil, Africa, Uruguay, and a variety of other South American locations.

Advanced Vessels and Technology

Our current fleet consists of 17 highly advanced vessels, each equipped with high-quality equipment. With horsepower ranging from 1800 to 4600, Dann Ocean Towing has the equipment required for marine transportation and construction support services for jobs of all shapes and sizes. Each vessel has been equipped with the most advanced communication and navigation technology available.

Wide Variety of Towing Services

Marine support is only one of many services that Dann Ocean Towing provides to our clients. Some of our other services include:

This wide variety of marine and towing services has given us unique expertise, allowing us to adapt to our clients’ needs quickly and effectively. We can customize each project depending on a client’s unique specifications, delivering guaranteed results every time.

Contact Dann Ocean Towing for Marine Construction Services

Dann Ocean Towing has proven itself as an industry leader in marine construction services and beyond. If you have any questions about marine support or any towing needs – including emergency services – give us a call at (813) 251-5100 today.