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Dann Ocean Towing In The News


“Meet the Dorothy Day, the latest addition to New York’s Staten Island Ferry fleet”  Oct. 20, 2022

The latest addition to New York’s Staten Island Ferry fleet, the Dorothy Day, passed under the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge on Sept. 16, delighting members of New York’s Catholic Worker community and supporters who had come out to welcome Dorothy back to New York. Read more…


“Golden Ray’s Final Section Removed, Completing Historic Wreck-Removal Operation”  Oct. 26, 2021

On Saturday, Oct. 16th, Dann Ocean Towing was proud to be a part of the effort to remove the last section of the Golden Ray wreck from St. Simons Sound. This effectively completed the largest wreck removal in US history! For more information and exciting pictures, Read more…

Staten Island Ferry

“Closer Look at the Newly-Delivered Staten Island Ferry”  Sept. 23, 2021

Dann Ocean Towing recently got the chance to tow a new ferry boat from its origin in Port St. Joe, Fla., all the way to New York City! This is just one of three new ferry boats expected to complete the regular run from the Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan to the St. George Terminal on Staten Island. Read more…

Golden Ray

“Video: Fifth Section of Golden Ray Wreck Hoisted and Removed”  Jul 6, 2021

The Golden Ray was a large cargo ship that capsized in 2019. During a routine turn toward starboard, the ship ran aground, turning on its side in the process. Dann Ocean was there to help crews hoist pieces of the wreckage from Georgia’s Simons Sound. Read more…

“Crane Bound for East Coast leaves Port of Manitowoc”  May 30, 2021

Dann Ocean was the company that was called to haul a recently-built crane from Wisconsin all the way to Maine. It was built by a Finnish manufacturing company and can handle up to 140-ton loads. The $55 million project took over a year to complete, and brought many jobs to the Manitowoc area. Crowds gathered along the shore to watch us tow the crane to its future home. Read more…

Blue Arrival

“Big Blue Crane made in Manitowoc makes its way safely to U.S. Navy Shipyard in Maine” June 16, 2021

We recently towed a new, giant crane from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, through the Great lakes, and all the way to the Naval base in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. “Big Blue” as they call it, is capable of lifting twice the weight of the current cranes there, and is expected to help out with submarine overhauls, too! Read more…

Nuclear Refueling

“Navy Nuclear refueling barge arrives in Mobile to be scrapped”  June 01, 2021

Here at Dann Ocean, we’re proud to be part of the transfer process for nuclear refueling stations. We transported what’s known as a “surface ship support barge” from the Newport News shipyard in Virginia, to the Naval shipyard in Mobile, Alabama. There, it will safely be dismantled and recycled in a three-year process. Read more…

Naval Destroyer

“Navy declares USS Edson sea-worthy; destroyer to begin voyage to Saginaw River tomorrow” Jul 17, 2012

It’s not every day that you get to tug a Naval destroyer. But that’s exactly what we did for the 418-foot destroyer. We hauled it from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard all the way to the Saginaw Valley in Bay County. Two tug boats took the ship for four miles into the ocean, and then the lead tugboat, the Colonel, took over, leading the ship to its final destination. Read more…

Goliath Crane

“Veteran tug captain guiding Goliath across the Atlantic Ocean” Mar 9, 2009

Built in 1975, the 3,700 ton crane began its journey in Quincy. It was later purchased by a South Korean shipyard located in Romania. We were there to guide the crane on its 6,000 mile journey across the Atlantic, through the Strait of Gibraltar, into the Mediterranean Sea, through the Bosporus Strait, and into the Black Sea. Read more…