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Industry-Leading Marine Transportation Services in New York

For several decades, Dann Ocean Towing has been the industry leader in marine transportation services in New York. With an incredible team of towing professionals, a large fleet of vessels, and a special attention to detail and safety, no one can beat our professionalism and expertise.

If you’re in need of marine towing services, including boat hauling, boat transport, salvage and rescue, mooring services, or other waterborne services, our team will assist you right away.

Ocean & Coastwise Towing

Our team of marine transportation experts knows all the ins and outs of global bodies of water, making us perfect for projects focused in New York and the surrounding areas. We can provide assistance with towing large vessels, new-build barges, tandem towing, dead ships, and more.

Turnkey Project Management

Dann Ocean Towing provides support for New York businesses in the realms of logistics, pre-tow planning, outfitting, and rigging. Movement through the New York Harbor can be very difficult, and it takes expertise and finesse to pull it off successfully. Our team brings all of this to the table.

Contract Towing & Barge Management Services

Tows of bulk commodities and petroleum barges along the coast of New York and within its waterways require precision and a very high level of safety. The highly skilled, experienced engineers and technicians at Dann Ocean Towing can handle these important tasks with no risk to property or personnel.

Bay Ridge Mooring Service

Dann Ocean Towing’s location on New York’s harbor in Bay Ridge Flats puts us in the perfect position to offer mooring services to the local residents. We have enough space to accommodate two barges that can each be up to 285 feet by 75 feet in dimension. This also means we can react very quickly.

Towing for Salvage and Rescue

As an associate member of the American Salvage Association, we offer salvage and rescue towing in the New York area and around the globe. Whether you’re in need of emergency towing due to disaster relief or you have a dead ship on your hands, give us a call and we’ll respond right away.

New York Familiarity and Expertise

Dann Ocean Towing provides boat and barge towing services across the Atlantic and Pacific. We’re experts in every single area where we do business, but we bring a special kind of familiarity and expertise to New York thanks to our Bay Ridge location.

Towing Services Available Around the Clock

Many of the towing services that are requested in the New York area are planned well in advance, but our intrepid team is always on call and ready for duty. If you’re in need of emergency towing services at any time, day or night, we’re the ones you can count on.

Dann Ocean Towing provides Marine Transport Services in New York.

Dann Ocean Towing can assist you with marine transport services in New York, the surrounding areas, and around the world. If you have any towing service needs, reach out to us at (813) 251-5100 today.