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Marine Transportation Services

When you are in need of towage for barges and other marine equipment, Dann Ocean Towing is your best option! As one of the largest providers of contract towing services in the United States, our team is ready to tow barges, vessels, and equipment to ensure your projects and cargo arrive at their destinations on time.

We specialize in towing petroleum and other bulk commodities and have invested in a variety of vessels and equipment to ensure your property is transported safely and efficiently.

Towage of Petroleum Barges and Other Bulk Commodities

Dann Ocean Towing provides an expertise in handling bulk commodities such as coal, aggregates, and petroleum. Dann Ocean Towing’s 24-hour dispatch will ensure your cargo is always being handled as efficiently as possible.

Contract Towing

Our contract towing & barge management services are flexible and customizable to suit your needs. We care about our customer’s project timelines, and that’s why we listen to you and deliver beyond your expectations.

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Our towing services are available 24/7. It is our goal to serve you and ensure your project deadlines are met on time. With a large fleet of towing vessels across the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, Dann Ocean Towing is always ready to meet your needs at short notice.

To learn more about our marine transportation services, contact Dann Ocean today.