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Ocean and Coastwise Towing Services

Dann Ocean Towing provides professional ocean & coastwise towing services. We offer a wide range of barge towing services. Our customers know they can rely on us to safely and swiftly transport their products, equipment, and vessels to meet their project needs. We conduct our ocean towing services in the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and International markets. Dann Ocean Towing is a member of the American Waterways Operators and participates in the Responsible Carrier Program.

Delivery of New Build Barges

With experience moving barges back and forth, Dann Ocean Towing can assist with the movement of your heavy equipment if you are unfamiliar with offshore towing. We are proud to routinely deliver inland tank and hopper barges between the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico for our brown water customers.

Tandem Towage

As proven leaders in the ocean & coastwise towing industry, our tandem towage service is unmatched. Dann Ocean Towing tugs are equipped with double drum towing winches to enhance the safety of your product from one place to the next.

Jobsite Mobilization and Demobilization

Looking to Mobilize a marine construction or large civil project? We specialize in both the mobilization and demobilization in the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and International Markets. We are proud to provide help with documentation to regulatory bodies to ensure the equipment arrives on time and safely.

Towage of Dead Ships

Our company has the right modern equipment, vessels, and experience to handle the towage of a dead ship as well as the planning to do so.

Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Towage

We tow vessels, tandems, barges, and dead ships on the high seas. Please feel free to contact us to consult on your next ocean towing need.

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