• Tampa, FL
  • Phone 813-251-5100
  • 3670 S West Shore Blvd. Tampa FL 33629

Dann Ocean Towing, Inc. is a fifth-generation tugboat company with operations encompassing the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. The Dann Family got their start in the 1860s when Captain Clay Johnson began operating Paddle Wheel Steamboats on the Kissimmee River and Lake Okeechobee.

Dann Ocean Towing, Inc was founded in 1960 by Rodney H Dann, Jr. with the purchase of wooden hulled YTB “Pitchlynn.”  Since then, we have been involved in numerous aspects of the marine towing business including transportation of bulk commodities, dredging and marine construction support, providing rescue towing and specialized one-time water borne moves.  With a fleet of 16 seagoing tugs ranging in horse power from 1800 to 4600, we have a variety of tugs to fit the job.

We have successfully performed long range tows to Africa, Japan, China, Romania, Greenland, Uruguay, Brazil, and many other ports in the Caribbean and South America.

  • Captain Clay Johnson


  • Clay Johnson Steamboat Roseada U/W


  • 1924

    Old Tug Ruby M


  • May 1969

    Tug Neptune Owned by Captain Rodney