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Why Petroleum Companies Rely on Dann Ocean Towing for Barge Transportation

Petroleum companies along the East Coast rely on Dann Ocean Towing for our reliability and professionalism.

Dann Ocean Towing has spent years perfecting our barge transportation and marine towing services, becoming the premier choice on the East Coast of all available transportation companies. We’ve been involved with numerous types of transportation needs, but few are more specialized than those required by the petroleum industry. Let’s take a look at why our company and crew are the perfect choice for your petroleum barge transportation needs.

All-Time High Petroleum Production

The petroleum industry has relied on marine transportation services for decades and will always continue to do so. In recent years, petroleum production has reached an all-time high of nearly a million barrels in a single year due to an increased population around the globe and expanded manufacturing. These companies need a reliable towing company and that’s exactly why clients of Dann Ocean Towing have become such an integral part of our business model.

Petroleum Requires Special Handling

Dann Ocean Towing has been involved with many different types of industry needs, but few are nearly as specialized as the moving of petroleum. Due to the nature of petroleum, every step of the process involves special handling because any misstep, however slight, could spell catastrophe. Given our expertise and special handling capabilities, petroleum companies can rest assured that each job will be completed safely and competently.

Dann Ocean Towing Has a Long History

To say that Dann Ocean Towing has a long history is a gross understatement. Our business goes all the way back to the 1860s when it was first known as Paddle Wheel Steamboats. This successful business was already an industry leader when, nearly a hundred years later, it transitioned into the company as it’s known today. And since then, we have continued to grow and learn everything there is to know about marine transportation operations to keep us at the top of our game.

Industry Leader in Marine Towing Services

Since our inception, Dann Ocean Towing has been proud to be considered an industry leader in marine towing services on the East Coast. In addition to barge transportation for petroleum and other needs, we’ve also proven ourselves in marine towing, marine salvage, and other seafaring services. We’re proud to serve our community and provide marine services to local, national, and international companies.

Six Generations of Towing Experience

With so many businesses and corporations trading hands multiple times, Dann Ocean Towing takes great pride in the fact that our company continues to be family-owned and operated. Since the very beginning, our family has strived to be the best and we continue that tradition every single day. We’ve been handling marine transportation services for six generations at this point, and we plan to pass on our expertise and experience onto future generations as well.

Plenty of Advanced Barges Available

Currently, Dann Ocean Towing has 16 vessels in our fleet that range in horsepower from 1800 to 4600, which means that we’re equipped for marine transportation and towing jobs of all shapes and sizes.

Every vessel in our fleet is equipped with the most advanced navigation and communication equipment in current usage to ensure not only a successful completion of each given task but the utmost level of safety and sophistication. Our crew also maintains a very strict maintenance schedule to keep these towing and tugging vessels in tip-top shape all year round.

Well-Trained and Dedicated Barge Crew

Whether transportation is needed for petroleum or any other reason, advanced equipment will only get you so far. The crew at Dann Ocean Towing has been hand-selected and rigorously trained to handle any job that’s asked of them, plus any situation that arises. Although it may be a little cliche to call them the “best of the best,” their expertise and experience has proven that to be true.

Guaranteed Timeframes and Budgets 

Petroleum transportation is definitely a huge undertaking, so it’s important that you choose a company that stands by their promises. At the onset of each job, our team will provide you with a guaranteed time frame along with a guaranteed cost of our services. If there is an unforeseen predicament – such as what we’ve been witnessing due to supply chain problems – our crew will work closely with you for updates and any required changes.

Superior 24-Hour Customer Service

Due to the intricacies involved with petroleum transport, it’s important that suppliers always have a direct line to marine transportation professionals. That’s one reason we offer 24-hour customer service that’s always within reach for any questions or updates that you may require along the way. This also allows us to provide 24-hour shoreside assistance in case any company has an immediate need.

Contact Dann Ocean Towing for Barge Transportation

Dann Ocean Towing can assist your petroleum company with barge transportation needs. If you have any questions about marine transportation, marine towage, or any other services, give us a call at (410) 885-5055 today.