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14 Apr

How to Choose the Best Tug Boat Towing Company

If you’re looking for a tug boat company, here’s how you choose the best company for your needs.

Tugboat companies serve an important service for many industries, and choosing one can sometimes be difficult. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a few things that you should look for in a reputable towing company:

Years of Towing Experience

As with any professional service, it’s always best to look for a towage company that has plenty of experience. It’s very rare for there to be a startup company in this particular industry. You probably won’t have to worry too much about finding a tugboat company that only has a year or so of experience. That being said, the best options will always be the companies that have a rich, proven history of serving clients like yourself.

Well-Trained Tugboat Crew

Believe it or not, but a towing company isn’t going to be offended if you ask questions about their crew. Since you’re employing them to do a job, that’s actually your right and they will respect that! You can ask them questions about their training techniques, what they look for in a crew member, the particular experience of the crew being used for your project, and anything else that you feel is appropriate.

Range of Towing Services

Any towage company that you do business with is going to be better when they offer a wide range of towing services. One reason this is so important is because this means that not only can they take on your specific project, but they can use related knowledge to come up with solutions if any kind of problem occurs. This also means if you have different needs in the future, then you can call on the same reputable company to take care of those concerns as well.

Great Community Reputation

You can learn a lot about a company in the way that their community feels about them. Do some digging around and see if they have any negative responses from their interaction with the local government or businesses. And feel free to ask them about any programs or events in their community that they’ve taken part in, which can show how involved and connected they are.

Fleet of Advanced Tugboats

There are two primary aspects of a tugboat fleet that are important — the number of vessels and how advanced they are. A reputable towing company will have vessels with a range of horsepower that allow them to take on a variety of jobs. These tugboats should also be equipped with advanced navigation, communication, and towage technology to keep them in line with industry standards.

Projects On-Time/On-Budget

There’s no room in this industry for pussyfooting around because it can be very costly and damaging. Any towing company that you deal with should have a reputation of bringing projects in on-time and on-budget. Although there can be unforeseen circumstances — such as the recent chain supply issue — there should always be a guarantee involved.

24/7 Shoreside Assistance with Tugboat Companies

The last thing you want is to use a towage company that doesn’t operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if your particular project goes perfectly every step of the way, with absolutely no delays, you may have concerns until the job is complete. You should always expect that when you reach out — day or night — that someone is there to answer your questions and provide updates.

Contact Dann Ocean Towing for the Best Tugboat Company

Choosing between tugboat companies may seem like a difficult endeavor, but Dann Ocean Towing makes it easy thanks to our rich history, well-trained crew, experience, and dedication. If you have any questions about our services or would like a free, no-obligation quote, give us a call at (813) 251-5100 today.