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Emergency Boat Towing: How Dann Ocean Towing Can Help You

Pre-Planned Services vs Emergency Services

With a large service area spanning the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and beyond, the crew of Dann Ocean Towing is always ready for boat towing services and other water assistance. In most cases, these services are pre-planned weeks or even several months in advance, giving us plenty of time to figure out all the details. However, there are times that emergency services must begin preparation immediately, with the services carried out within hours or days. Despite the shorter timeframe, our experience and expertise allows us to provide the same high-quality service.

Types of Emergency Boat Towing & Marine Services

Even the most highly advanced boats can experience malfunctions and other issues that require emergency services. We saw this happen at an increased rate not too long ago when supply chain issues necessitated fuel delivery that had been unscheduled at the time. Whether you’re running out of fuel, need a sea tow due to engine problems, or have any other emergency service need, our crew will tend to those needs right away.

How Dann Ocean Towing Deals with Emergencies

Many of our clients are surprised at the speed in which we can react in an emergency situation. Here are some of the reasons why Dann Ocean Towing can handle emergencies quickly and effectively:

Well-Trained Crew Ready for Anything

It would be impossible for Dann Ocean Towing to handle emergency water assistance services without a well-trained, dedicated crew. The truth is that they’re always ready for anything, understanding that every job — emergency or not — requires professionalism and expertise. They can always be counted on to give their very best with every single marine service.

Well-Maintained Fleet of 17 Vessels

Dann Ocean Towing has collected a total of 17 highly advanced vessels with horsepower that ranges between 1800 and 4600. These vessels can be used together for extremely large towage requirements, which means that we can handle a very wide array of projects. These vessels are well-maintained by the crew, allowing them to always be ready to go in an emergency situation with only a minimal amount of preparation needed.

Advanced Communication Equipment

Technology has always been an integral part of towage services whether a client is in an emergency situation or not. Our vessels utilize top-of-the-line communication and navigation equipment that allow us to tackle a wide range of projects. When a vessel is experiencing an emergency, we’ll utilize this advanced equipment to come to their rescue as quickly as possible.

Emergency Equipment and Supplies

We’ve learned a lot of lessons over the years, but perhaps the most important is to always be prepared for any situation. We keep emergency equipment and supplies available such as fuel to assist vessels that have become stuck in the water or experienced a plethora of other issues. We also stay in contact with seafaring vessels that can provide emergency medical needs in especially precarious situations.

Six Generations of Towage Services

Dann Ocean Towing has been family-owned and operated for decades. Over these years, we’ve been involved with thousands of towage projects that have included general towage needs and very unique requirements. We’ve basically done it all and seen it all, which means we’ll always be ready for any emergency service that comes up.

Contact Dann Ocean Towing for Emergency Boat Towing Services

Dann Ocean Towing provides top-notch emergency boat towing, fuel delivery, and other water assistance needs. If you have any questions about our emergency services or would like to learn about our tug boat towing services give us a call at (813) 251-5100 today.