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Learn More About the Dann Ocean Towing Fleet

Learn more about our fleet.

Dann Ocean Towing has been in business for more than a century. Throughout that time, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, becoming a leader in the marine towage industry around the globe. One of the reasons we’ve been so successful is that we’ve cultivated a fleet of vessels to meet the needs of thousands of marine projects. Our clients are always curious about the Dann Ocean Towing fleet, so we thought it’d be a good idea to provide a brief overview.

17 Towing Vessels

The first thing that everyone should know about the Dann Ocean Towing fleet is that it consists of 17 towing vessels. Each vessel has its own unique appearance in addition to its size, towing capability, technology, and more. This means that Dann Ocean Towing can provide a wide variety of waterborne project needs, including barge towingmarine construction support, salvage and rescue, and other marine towing services.

Towing Power Options

Our 17 vessels cover a wide range of towing power options. There are several details involved, but the two that are most relevant are horsepower and bollard pull. In terms of horsepower, our tugs range between 1,750 HP and 4,610 HP.

As for bollard pull, they start at 24 tons and top off at 63.3 tons. This allows us to take on towing projects and jobs of all shapes and sizes. If a client has an especially large towing job, we can also employ two vessels at once.

Advanced Technology

Towing technology has come a long way in the decades since Dann Ocean Towing opened for business, and our vessels have kept up. Our fleet of ships comes with very advanced navigation technology and devices, including GPS units, radar systems, VHF radios, and satellite comms. Each tug is also equipped with state-of-the-art towing and support technologies. All of these advancements allow us to conduct towing operations more efficiently and safely.

Life-Saving Equipment

Dann Ocean Towing has strict rules and guidelines regarding safety. This carries over to each and every vessel in our fleet. In addition to fire safety components that include fire extinguishers. You’ll also find multi-person inflatable rafts in the event of an extreme emergency that requires evacuation.

Experienced Crews

Power, technology, and safety are all necessities in the Dann Ocean Towing fleet, but they mean nothing without our amazing crew. Every person on the crew has been hand-selected for their dedication to excellence in both service and safety. They’ve been well-trained to handle every piece of equipment and know how to respond to any waterborne or mechanical issues that may occur during a towing operation.

Local & Global Towing

Our fleet of tugs has never been limited to the United States. In addition to the East Coast, we routinely carry out marine towing operations along the Gulf of Mexico and various other international regions. This includes much of Europe, Africa, and the Far East. All of our tugs are designed for a variety of waterborne towing operations, which means that both local and international clients can rest assured that their towing and service needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Contact Dann Ocean Towing to Learn More About Our Towing Fleet

Dann Ocean Towing has gathered a fleet of ships that allow us to conduct waterborne operations in the United States and various parts of the world. If you have any questions about our services or would like to know more about the Dann Ocean towing fleet, give us a call at (813) 251-5100 today.