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Why You Should Rely on Dann Ocean Towing for Sea Towing Services

Learn all about the many benefits of partnering with Dann Ocean Towing for sea towing services.

Choosing the right company for sea towing services is a big decision. The ocean is a vast and unpredictable environment, which means it’s essential to work with an experienced towing company that has access to the latest equipment in the industry. Dann Ocean Towing is one of the leaders in boat towing services, with over five generations of experience. Delivering the best ocean towing service while always finding ways to improve is a top priority.

Here are the main reasons why you should rely on Dann Ocean Towing if you are in need of sea towing services.

History of Serving Clients

Dann Ocean Towing has decades of experience serving a wide range of clients. Our towing service began in 1960, and we are one of the leading towing operators on the East Coast of the United States. We also provide marine towage services throughout the Gulf of Mexico and in numerous international marine markets. Our tow operators also have many years of experience meeting delivery dates and keeping each customer happy.

Professional Expertise

One of the advantages of partnering with Dann Ocean for sea towing services is that it gives you access to a team of professionals that are well-versed in the industry. Our experienced captains and crew members have worked with a wide range of vessels and are familiar with the unique challenges of each operation. No task is ever too complex, whether you need barge towing, fuel delivery, dock-to-dock tows, or if you need to transport equipment from inland lakes and rivers.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Dann Ocean Towing is home to a fleet of the latest tugs that are designed to handle a wide range of towing operations. Our current fleet of 17 tugs can easily handle a variety of marine transportation tasks.

Regular maintenance is also conducted on each vessel to ensure they are always operating at peak performance. These tugs can also range anywhere from 1,800 to 4,600 horsepower.

Focus on Safety

Maintaining a safe working environment is also a top priority at Dann Ocean Towing. Each tug uses the latest navigation technology to ensure each destination is reached on time. A VHF radio is also available to immediately get in contact with the Coast Guard for mechanical breakdowns, inclement weather, or other emergencies. Each crew member also undergoes an extensive training program to ensure they can perform their job efficiently while staying safe throughout the entire trip.

Around-the-Clock Customer Service

Providing the best customer experience is another one of the many benefits of using our sea towing services. Each towing task is unique, as our team understands the different challenges for each assignment. Our crew is more than happy to answer your questions about our towing procedures, service area, or if you have any concerns about our offshore distance limitations. Our company offers around-the-clock customer service that’s available seven days a week as we strive to create the best experience possible.

Wide Range of Towing Services

You can always choose from a variety of towing services. Dann Ocean Towing specializes in ocean and coastwise towing, contract towing and barge management, salvage towing, and much more. Our experienced team can jump-start dead ships and help you reach your home port.

Tandem towing services are also available, as our vessels use the most advanced towing winches to maintain safety throughout the entire trip. Our company even provides mega yacht towing services, as we can quickly respond to yachts in distress while always focusing on safety.

Need Sea Towing Services? Give Us a Call Today

Dann Ocean Towing is one of the leading companies providing sea towing services for businesses throughout the Eastern Coast of the United States. We also offer many other services, whether you need marine construction, anchor handling, harbor management, turnkey project management, or much more. You can also give us a call if you have any questions about the sea tow process, the cost of towing fuel, our insurance company, or anything else.

Contact Dann Ocean Towing today to learn more about our professional marine towing services.