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Dann Ocean Towing - New York

Global Leader of Bulk Marine Towing Services

With more than a century of experience, Dann Ocean Towing has grown to be an industry leader in bulk marine towing services. Thanks to an amazing crew of dedicated professionals and our state-of-the-art tugboat fleet, we can handle barge towing needs of any size or scope. We’ll get your materials or products across the ocean or into the harbor of your choice safely and securely.

Safe and Secure Bulk Transportation

Today’s bulk transportation often consists of dozens or even hundreds of containers at a time. Some are carrying fragile or sensitive equipment that must be handled with the greatest level of care and skill. Our crew is well-trained in handling and transporting bulk materials to make sure they stay safe and sound.

100+ Years of Bulk Towing Experience

With more than 100 years under our belt, Dann Ocean Towing has been involved with all types of waterborne towing services. What started as small bulk jobs has evolved into towing many tons on any given trip.The knowledge and expertise we’ve obtained during these years have been the keys to our success.

Domestic and Global Towing Services

Our ancestors may have cut their teeth on domestic transportation, but we’ve taken our company to a global level. In addition to barge towing services along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, our services are also available throughout Europe, Africa, and the Far East. Whether you have domestic or global needs, we’re the ones to call.

Fleet of 17 Dependable Tugboats

Over the years, Dann Ocean Towing has amassed a fleet of 17 tugboats. Each vessel in our fleet has its own design, horsepower, bollard pull, and, dare we say it, personality. This ensures that we always have the right tugboat available for every barge towing job. Big or small, we have one that fits.

Well-Trained Bulk Towing Crew

Like other waterborne towing jobs, bulk marine transport requires an experienced crew to ensure proper handling of the cargo. Dann Ocean Towing takes great pride in hand-selecting each of its crew members. They’ve gone through rigorous training and are always ready to go, no matter what we throw at them. Big or small, they can handle all of your bulk transportation needs.

Bulk Marine Towing Technology

Although an experienced crew is still our best resource, you can’t ignore the need for advanced technology to handle bulk transportation. Each of our vessels is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that takes our navigational capabilities to the next level. We also use the most advanced towing equipment to secure and handle your materials.

Emergency and update services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Most barge towing services are scheduled far in advance of the operation, but our crew is always ready for anything. If you have a dead vessel or some other type of emergency that requires transport right away, give us a call, and we’ll take care of it. We’re also available 24/7 to answer any questions or give updates on an ongoing transfer.

Contact Dann Ocean Towing for Bulk Marine Towing Services

Dann Ocean Towing is the most reliable name in bulk towing services. For any questions about our ocean towing services, marine construction support, barge towing, or any other waterborne needs, reach out to us at (813) 251-5100 today.